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We Bring for you SEVEN WAY of recharge option:

Android App

​​Guide For Recharge
  For Recharge you choose any way from our Applications.
You Can Recharge Via     (a) Offline
                                            (b) Online
    (a) In Offline Mode you can Recharge only Via SMS
    (b) In Online Mode you have more options for recharge
         (I) WhatsApp (II) Android  (iii) Web
        (iV) Facebook (v) Jabbim  
        (vi) Hangouts  (vii) Telegram 
1. Recharge Via Offline/SMS
       Operator Code(Space)Mobile No(Space)Amount
                     send to 7205893815
    Example: For Recharge a Airtel Odisha No=9937099744 and Amount=100
       MA 9937099744 100  send to 7205893818

​2. Recharge Via Jabbim

    You Can recharge via Jabbim account in desktop, Android and Windows Phone
Create a Account in Jabbim.com or Go there by this Link 
If you recharge Via Desktop
    Download Pidgin from this LINK and instal it
    add jabbim a/c 
    On protocol, Choose XMMP, then in Username: give ur jabbim user name
    if you create a ac in jabbim named lm@jabbim.com, you can give username :lm
    on domain: give jabbim.com and tick on password and save

    send a message to server for add your Jabbim id
    Type G*your jabbimid*yourpin  send to 7205893815
    Example: G*lm@jabbim.com.1234 to 7205893815
    Then send another message to server by 
    CS Add my Jabbim ID to 7205893815
After that we send you request to your jabbim ac and you authorized it, then after it shows Online and you can recharge through it

If you recharge Via Android Phone
    Download Xabber from Playstore and follow the above steps.
If you Recharge Via Windows Phone
    Download PlUS IM from Playstore and your Jabbim A/c and follow above steps.

3. Recharge Via Hangouts

 Recharge and pay your bills via Gmail or Google Hangouts. Follow the steps below:

a) Send Add youre mail@gmail.com to in our system Via

         Type  G*mailid*PIN  send to Server(7205893815)

        Example:- G*cs.lapumagic@gmail.com*1234  send to 7205893815
b) Go to http://mail.google.com/ 
c) Go to your profile and click revert to old chat

d) Now search for lapumagics@gmail.com and click invite to chat
e) Your invitation will be automatically accepted and you can start using Gmail or Hangouts* You'll need to click on revert to old chat so the system can automatically accept your invitation
* Once your invitation is accepted, you can revert to Hangouts

4. Recharge Via telegram

 For Recharge Via Telegram Open Telegram, Click this Link->  http://telegram.me/LapuMagic1_bot 

or Search LapuMagic1_bot and type Start, If you download telegram on ur registered mobile then click below there and click on click here, if u use another mobile, then a Message will come for You are Not registered Yet, So for register copy that like Y*12345678*1234   send to 7205893815

(Here you type ur code instead of 12345678 and your pin on 1234, if u not know ur PIN type PIN and send to 7205893815 via SMS to get your PIN)

5. Recharge Via WEB

​     For Recharge Via Web Click on Log in Page and Follow the Instruction

6. Recharge Via Android App

     For Recharge Via Android App, We have Two Android App.

Recharge Via Android App 1:- Click Here For Download LINK Then Give Your ID, Mobile No and PIN(Which you get at the time of Joining if not Type PIN and send to 7205893815 via SMS and you get the PIN). Log in and Then For Recharge type ACTAND**123456*PIN      send to 7205893815. 

Recharge Via Android App 2:- Click here for Download LINK After Download Call to Helpline No 9937099744 for Get Password.

​7. Recharge Via WhatsApp

     Add +917205893815 in your phone book on your mobile and send Recharge to that number

(Note:-Make sure that the mobile which you use WhatsApp is registered with us)


1. Balance Check:
        : BAL
    Example    : BAL  send to 7205893815

2.To Know your PIN:
        : PIN

3. To change your Old Pin:
        CHP(space)(Old Pin)(space)(New Pin)
        CHP 1234 5896

4.Check a Number Status of same day    
        : CHECK(space)Number
    Example    : CHECK 9937099744

5.Check a Number status of previous date: 
        : C(space)Date(space)Number
    Example    : If u want to check a Number 9937099744 recharge on 15th Jan 2016 ur can type
        : C 150116 9937099744   (U can check previous 15 days data)
6.Check Last Five Transaction:
        : LAST

7. Check Last TEN Transaction    :
        : DAYREP
8. Check Transaction of a Date    :
        : DAYREP(space)Date
    Example    : DAYREP 150116  (For check the date of 15th Jan 2016)

9. Show Balance Purchase Report

       : TRREP